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Beyond Coffee

Backed by hundreds of scientific studies, Beyond Coffee is a simple guide to more energy, more focus, and less stress, naturally and safely. Go beyond coffee — Fall 2019 from Monocle Publishing.

What can nature, science, and our global access to different ingredients tell us about optimal productivity, creativity, and mood? And which ingredients are scientifically proven to be both effective and safe? How do I get more out of my morning routine? What’s real and what is overhyped, unscientific bull$#!t?

Beyond Coffee: A Sustainable Guide to Nootropics, Adaptogens, and Mushrooms answers these questions.

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What's inside?

The book covers an overview of nootropics, the history of them, the science behind the safe and effective nootropics as well as the research behind unsafe and/or non-effective compounds.

What people said!

“In an area where it is hard to tell hype from substance, helpful from harmful, James does a fantastic job of breaking down what is backed by science, what isn't, and most importantly--what is a sustainable, daily approach to these ingredients beyond my morning coffee.”

“I’ve studied optimizing health and brain performance for the last 11 years (and have tried nearly every “brain-hack” out there) -- yet still found myself wanting to highlight nearly every sentence of this book. I wish I had this years ago when I spent countless hours trying to research what’s so clearly laid out here. It’s such a real, down-to-earth, guide to navigating your energy and stress levels -- and figuring out which might be the right nootropics, adaptogens, ad other compounds are for you. James, Dan, and Katherine do a great job making it practical, educational, entertaining, and actionable!”

“There's more to life than coffee! That's why I recommend reading Beyond Coffee. It's the must-read, detailed, science-backed guide on how to become more productive using nootropics, adaptogens, and mushrooms. So glad James finally put together his years of research into one, easy-to-read book for all of us that were interested but didn't know where to start.”

Meet the authors

A startup founder and investor in San Francisco, CA. After developing a heart condition in 2013 from excess caffeine consumption, James became fascinated by the science and research backing up alternatives to caffeine for energy, productivity, and focus.

A leading expert on peak performance and runs a clinical practice that combines regenerative medicine, integrative psychiatry, and neuro-cognitive optimization, and is the medical director of The Revive Treatment Centers of America.

A published medical researcher and physician assistant. She is currently practicing in pediatric neurology where she actively seeks out natural and less-invasive alternatives for her young patients, when appropriate.

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